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Knowing the city.

The Train of Puerto Madryn | City Tour
This train bus completes a full city tour with professional tour guides who will tell you the history of the city and provide all the information of each historical site, building or monument representative of Puerto Madryn. With departures at different times the tour begins at the Welsh Monument passing through the center, the old and historic part of the city, a walk along the coast to Punta Cuevas with a small descent and return to the starting point. During the evening, the train takes walks for the little ones with children's characters and music !.
Oceanographic and Natural Science Museum
The building that houses the museum is the Pujol Chalet, known at the time as the "Castillo de Madryn" built in 1917 by the merchant Agustin Pujol. Today the museum offers an exhibition of nature and its relationship with man, called "The Man and the Sea", it is formed by nine rooms dedicated mainly to Welsh immigration and the diversity of flora and fauna of the region. The tour ends at the viewpoint of the Chalet where you will have a panoramic view of the city and the Gulf.
Museum and Historical Studies Center "Juan Meisen Ebene"
Located in the old railway station and former bus terminal. The Historical Museum of Puerto Madryn provides us with interactive and didactic history of Madryn and its surroundings through the story of historical sources of the city and the value of their samples.
Municipal Museum of Modern Art
As part of the cultural life of the city, the museum not only offers a space where regional artists can be known, but also open to the community with a series of activities for the whole public. Although the space is not very large, it is striking the variety of techniques applied in the works, whether paintings, sculptures, prints or photographs.
Gems | Museum of Rocks and Minerals
This museum has a large number of rocks and minerals of different types and colors, most of them extracted from the province of Chubut. In addition it owns a school and workshop where they are offered courses of goldsmithing and stoning (works in silver, alpaca and stones) and they realize souvenirs for sale to the public.
Ecocentro | Interpretation Center of the Sea
It is a center of interpretation of the marine ecosystem whose purpose is to promote a more harmonious attitude to the ocean through education, science and art.

Ecocentro is ideal for all ages since the exhibits are very didactic and interpretive combining modern aspects of environmental interpretation with artistic details and audiovisual presentations. Its mission is to contribute to the understanding and protection of the sea, and to offer visitors an opportunity to reflect on the world around them, promoting values ​​as important as respect and the will to discover.
Punta Cuevas, Tehuelche Indian Monument and Welsh Woman Monument
Punta Cuevas is located at the southern end of the city, so it is called by the caves that the sea has dug in the rock and is the place where the Welsh settlers settled the first days after their arrival until moving to the zone of the Valley.On the top of this we can have a panoramic view of the whole city and the gulf, as well as the monument to the Indian Tehuelche who represents his people seeing the arrival of the Welsh. In contrast to this in the center of the city is the monument to the Welsh woman back to the sea and looking at the city as leaving the British oppression behind and receiving her new home.

Events, Parties and Fairs

Madryn on the Plate, Classic Must Do
At lunch time the Patagonian lamb, fish and seafood are the main base of our dishes, from the most traditional to gourmet specialties.
Between June and July, Madryn on the plate proposes the combination of gastronomy, tourism and art, through events such as talks, workshops, tastings with nationally and internationally renowned chefs, and exhibitions of arts among other activities.
In addition the gastronomic circuit is integrated by practically all the restaurants of the city that add to the proposal, elaborating a plate with regional products of choice (lamb, fish or seafood) that is included in the letter to promotional value.
Producers and Designers Fair
This is done together with Madryn al Plato being a clear example of gastronomy, tourism and art, where several local and regional producers exhibit and sell their products, regional, organic, design, wineries, draws, lectures and cooking classes for children.
Handicraft Fishermen's Fair
In coincidence with Easter, tribute is paid to the fishermen of the region with this fair of artisanal fishermen. During the four days of duration you can visit the different stands and buy fresh or processed sea products.
National Feast of the Lamb
One of the most traditional festivals in the city since 1977 in honor of livestock chores and rescue the cultural values ​​of the countryside. Each edition is made up of varied activities and shows such as horsemen, shearing demonstration, dog show, shows and recitals and the traditional election of the national queen of lamb. It also has a large section of gaucho craftsmanship and clothing typical of the gaucho, regional products and exhibition, in the gastronomic part you will find several stands of foods made with lamb such as empanadas, sanguches and hamburgers as well as the stoves that grind between 30 and 50 Lamb dish most wanted by visitors.
Feria de a Cachitos
This fair brings together local and local artists and designers who expose and sell their creations. It has a large number of stands where you can find clothing, fabric, jewelry, handbags and purses, decorative objects, recreation, children's toys, body care, plants, articles for babies and others.
Craftsmen's Fair
The artisan's walk is located in the Plaza San Martin in the center, and has about 80 stands of craftsmen who offer products of clothing, ornaments, aromatic candles, souvenirs, leather goods among others. While most artisans gather in the summer months some are all year round, there is also another small artisan walk on the waterfront near the monument to the Welsh woman.
Vía Crucis Submarino
Each year on Good Friday is the most original and unique in the world via submarine crucis. This makes a route of 500 mts. While the priest reports with a hydrophone the path of the cross of about 4 meters. High that is loaded by professional divers. These descend 8 mts through illuminated stations so that the faithful can follow them from the coast or embarked in kayaks, sailboats and boats. The crucis route ends at the shore where a bonfire and the municipal and parochial choir await them.
Madryn to the Sea
With the aim of publicizing and promoting the nautical activities and sports of the city, every year Madryn al Mar is made exclusively for residents of the province of Chubut with great discounts and promotions in almost all activities, such as dolphin watching , Nautical rides, windsurfing, stand up, kayaking, snorkeling and snorkeling with wolves one of the most sought after activities.
Recital Cycle (summer)
Every summer for training and enjoyment of the large number of tourists who visit our beaches and for the madrynenses, the Municipality of Puerto Madryn performs free recitals on the coast with great bands and national artists for all tastes, among them we have visited, The Authentic Decadentes, Leon Gieco, La Bersuit, La Mancha de Rolando, Kapanga, Axel, Miranda, Agapornis and many others filling the costanera of people, music and dance.
Since 2006 the local theater group La Escalera performs the "Teatrazo", a theater series in which they present for two weeks, between January And February, different works, also give talks and workshops with local and national theater teachers.


Península Valdés and Whale Watching
Declared Natural Patrimony of Humanity (UNESCO 1999) has been for hundreds of years the place chosen by several species to reproduce, give birth and rest.
Visiting its most important points you will be able to observe great amount of fauna.
Ameghino Istmo Interpretation Center: Is the first stop on our trip and a glimpse of all that we will see in the Peninsula, flora, fauna, history, geography all in this place where also highlights the skeleton of a ballenato.

Island of the Birds: Named for the large number of birds that nest here as penguins, cormorants, herons, oysters, among others. It has a small interpretation center and viewers since you can not enter the island because it is protected.

Punta Norte: Famous for being the unique place where there are attacks of orcas on the colonies of sea lions that reproduce in this zone. While observing the wolves we will be able to be visited by small furry and curious animals that approach people.

Caleta Valdés: This beautiful area can be perfectly observed the "lagoon" that is formed between the cove and the peninsula, also has one of the many colonies of Magellanic penguins.

Cantor Point: Here we will find a colony of elephant seals especially in the period where they reproduce during the months of September to November and where you can get to see killer whales. It also has a small interpretive trail of flora and fauna of the area that reaches a viewpoint where you can see the mouth of the Caleta Valdés.

Port Pyramid: Unique town and center of service in the Peninsula. During the months of June to December whale watching, these animals are very curious so you do not need to follow them as they approach the boat, pass underneath it, make jumps and when they submerge show us their Wonderful and so famous tails (caudal fin).
The Southern Right Whale reaches 16 meters and weighs 40 tons and every year they reach the waters of the Golfo Nuevo to mate or give birth to their young.

Yellow Submarine: Another option for whale watching from Puerto Pirámides is the Yellow Submarine. This boat has the peculiarity of being semi-submersible so you can see whales, dolphins or sea lions from a unique place almost as if you dive with them, you can also choose at all times If you want to be on the outer deck or in the underwater cabin.

Punta Tombo: September to March, At 180 km from Madryn, the protected area Punta Tombo is the largest colony on the continent of Magellanic penguins, in the middle of the season it has more than 800 thousand penguins that every year up its coast to reproduce in what is a True journey.
This particular bird measures about 40 cm and although it has a clumsy but nice walk are excellent swimmers and divers, their bodies have been perfectly adapted to life in the sea where they spend much of their life.
But in Punta Tombo there are not only penguins you can see living with them, guanacos, cuises and other visitors less desired by penguins like skuas and seagulls predatory birds as well as foxes and wildcats.
The colony is crossed by a footbridge of 2 km which you can walk walking and observe closely the penguins. We also recommend visiting the interpretation center of Punta Tombo to learn and learn more about the fascinating world of penguins.

Punta Loma and Cerro Avanzado
The Protected Area Punta Loma is the first reserve created in the province of Chubut in 1967 in order to protect the colony of sea lions and cormorants that inhabit it
Only 14 km from the city, the reserve can be visited all year round because it is a stable colony and there are always wolves or, also called, sea lion because of the large mane that the males have, they are more than 2 m Long and weigh 350 kg, the females being smaller and without mane.
Punta Loma also protects large colonies of black-necked cormorants and imperial cormorants nesting on the slopes of the cliffs. You can also see seagulls, seagulls, petrels, Antarctic pigeons, herons, plovers among many others.
In this tour you can also visit Cerro Avanzado and explore its million-year-old sedimentary fences where you can find fossil remains of oysters and marine vertebrates.
All this circuit only takes half a day so it is ideal for days off or also in a more adventurous spirit to do it on mountainbike to connect thoroughly with Patagonia.

Lower Valley of the Chubut River
This beautiful valley, where the waters of the Chubut River flow, which gives the name to the province, is composed of several cities and towns standing out:
Trelew: It is the second largest city in the province and an important commercial, industrial and service center. In this city is the Paleontological Museum "Egidio Feruglio" one of the most important in South America not only for the representations that are in the fate for being the place where scientists and paleontologists leave the interior of the province where they have made great discoveries fossils such as the giant Titanosaur of Chubut, the largest dinosaur in the world discovered in 2014.

Rawson: Is the capital of the province and although it is purely administrative to very few kilometers is located Beach Union Main spa to enjoy its beaches and nautical activities, and close to Puerto Rawson From where the boats leave for the sightings of dolphins. These playful dolphins are the smallest in the world and can be observed throughout the year especially the summer months jumping alongside the boats that visit them.

Gaiman and Dolavon: Are characterized by maintaining the traditions and customs of the Welsh settlers as their old constructions, in them you can appreciate the history of these visiting the first house built in 1874 in Gaiman or the first flour mill, still still operating in Dolavon. Another great tradition is the Welsh tea that along with its delicious and varied cakes can be tasted in their famous tea houses.
This is how the VIRCH takes us for a trip of millions of years back to the present, a walk through prehistory, the history of the Welsh settlers and nature, all together in one single journey.

Dike Florentino Ameghino
From beginning to end the Dike Ameghino will surprise you and marvel not only for the magnificence of the dam but also for the charm of its town and its landscapes. As soon as you get there, after traveling for about 180 km, you will travel through a large tunnel dug into the rock that leads to the dam of the dam, where you begin to delight with its beauty, to descend to the small town of more than 200 hab. Which has settled on the bank of the river.
In the Villa Ameghino, as the village is known, fishing, rafting, trekking, rappelling or climbing can be done or just a barbecue in the municipal campsite on the shores of the Chubut river in the shade of the trees.
The Florentino Ameghino Dike is one of the greatest attractions of the Chubut River Valley, a unique place to relax and unwind.
El Doradillo
Only 15 km from the city on the beaches of El Doradillo Protected Area you can observe whales from the coast. During the months of June to November whales come so close to the beaches that you can see them practically swimming on the shore, since they are deep beaches and at high tide you can do a perfect whale watching. Check before leaving the tide schedule and get ready for one of the most beautiful and exclusive natural experiences of Patagonia.

Punta Ninfas
This geographical point indicates the beginning or end of the New Gulf, but the most important thing at Punta Ninfas is that there is a stable colony of marine elephants called thus by the big nose that the males have. For this ride, take into account that you must go down a steep slope to get to the beach, but once there you will be able to see these large mammals from 3 to 6 mts. Very close up and even get a selfie, that if with caution as they may bother, but then enjoy the scenery and company of elephant seals.
Dolphin Watching
Sure you have seen dolphins jumping in a pool by order of their coach, well, starting from the pier of Madryn you will be able to see them jumping free and for fun. Thus, from December to April are realized the sightings of dark dolphins, these are extremely sociable and are noted for their natural acrobatics, in addition you will be able to see sea lions and lots of birds in a full step of about 2.30hs. Lasting in one of the many unique experiences that we have to offer you.
Nautical Ride Regina Australe
The ecological cruiser Regina Australe is ideal for a day of rest and relaxation, taking a stroll along the Golfo Nuevo, which runs from the port of Madryn to Punta Loma, you can eat and drink in your cafeteria while navigating the blue waters,Sunbathe on the deck chairs on the outdoor deck or just feel the wind on your face. It is also done.A show in which the God Neptune baptizes the first navigators, there are also drawings and although it is not their purpose depending on the time of year you can get to see dolphins, whales and sea lions.


Underwater Baptism
Puerto Madryn is known as the national capital of diving for its beautiful aquatic landscapes and the clarity of its waters. That is why it is one of the activities most wanted by our visitors. The underwater baptism can be done by anyone from 7 years old without previous experience, it lasts about 30 minutes in which you can see variety of fish, seaweed, snails, starfish, crabs among others.
It is such a submarine mania that in the holy week is realized every year the via submarine crucis a unique spectacle in the world.
Snorkel with Sea Wolves
If underwater shows are treated the snorkel with sea lions takes all the prizes. This incredible experience is made in the lobe of Punta Loma 16 km from the city, the agency will transport you by boat to the place besides providing you with all the necessary equipment including the neoprene suit and you will be able to swim with these curious and playful creatures That approach people so much as to caress them, playfully bite your hand and even climb over you, a unique experience of Puerto Madryn.
Kayak with Wolves or Whales (free or guided)
Along the beach you will find different spas to rent kayaks activity ideal for a day off and be able to navigate the tranquil waters of the New Gulf.
Another option of unique contact with nature is kayak with sea lions, these have a duration of half a day or full day and you will be accompanied by a guide with the interpreteran the marine ecosystem besides seeing and observing variety of fauna, like wolves and elephants Seabirds, whales, penguins and other shorebirds.
For these activities you do not need any previous experience or any special equipment since the agency will provide you with everything you just need to paddle and enjoy.
Mountain bike
For lovers of adventure tourism our coasts have ideal circuits for mountain biking with unique landscapes, you can tour the trails of Punta Este and Playa Parana or reach the beaches of Cerro Avanzado passing through the lobe of Punta Loma. Another option with greater difficulty but with a great prize is to go to the beaches of the Doradillo to observe whales from the coast.
You can rent a bicycle in the spas near the Hotel and begin to pedal towards the adventure.
Excursions 4x4
To travel roads that other vehicles could not and reach unique places, feel the vertigo and the adrenaline and also make interpretation of flora and fauna we recommend excursions in 4x4.
Throughout the year accompanied by a guide and for small groups, fun and nature to the maximum.
If there is something that is constant in Patagonia is the wind that's why the madrynenses have taken advantage of this for fun. Windsurfing is one of the most traditional sports in the city with great competitions. In some spas you can do this activity after some advanced classes to then navigate and enjoy the speed that gives you the wind.
You do not need previous experience and you can even practice from 6 years of age, spas provide you with everything you need and you only have to fly with the wind in the Gulf.
Paseo Náutico + Snorkel (Puerto Piramide)
A good option for the summer is to take a nautical walk through the transparent waters of Puerto Pirámide to observe, dolphins, sea lions and birds, accompanied by a guide for the interpretation of the marine, submarine and coastal ecosystem and the opportunity to practice snorkeling.
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